Sunday, January 2, 2011


Two of my favorite things, my family and the outdoors, put together make for an invigorating and memorable afternoon.  Every year, over the Christmas holidays, my family has spent some sort of time together outside.  For years, we cut and split firewood with my dad, searched for the perfect Christmas tree to cut and bring into our home, and hunted for mistletoe to hang above the door. 

These days, we hike. 

This year, we explored a trail around Edgefield County.  

It was a great afternoon to be together.  The weather was perfectly crisp and refreshing; the conversation was endless as we reminisced of years past; the excitement arose with the thoughts of new beginnings and adventures for my parents; the covey of quail was simultaneously frightening and glorious; the run back for mom's lost pedometer was a brisk end to our walk; the tomato basil soup at the Edgefield Inn was the perfect close to our family tradition.

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