Saturday, January 22, 2011


After seven days of blogging, sometimes twice a day, I took a short break to collect my thoughts.  Have no fear, I'm back.

I've kept food journals in the past....sometimes while trying to drop a few pounds and sometimes while trying to add a little variety in my meals.  While working on my Master's degree, I worked as a nutrition counselor for a year at a local weight loss clinic.  Each and every client kept a food diary.  They were both helpful and mundane.

I must say, this seven day challenge of photographing and blogging my meals was different, challenging, and enlightening.

Here's what I learned:
1.  I eat A LOT of the same things.  I tried to change it up, slightly, and not be so boring, but what can I say, I like my egg sandwiches.
2.  When I committed to taking pictures of my food, it forced me to want to add COLOR!  Think juicy oranges, bright green spinach, and deep red tomato soup.
3.  Having my camera attached to me at all times adds weight to my purse as well as opportunities to capture a picture of Finn running in circles, my nephew's smile, or the glorious moon on the way to dinner.
4.  People look at you strangely when taking pictures of your food in public places. 
5.  Sometimes you just want to eat; you're hungry.  You don't care how it looks, and you don't want to take a picture.  But I made the commitment, so I stopped to snap the photo.
6.  Treats happen.
7.  Looking back, visually, over the course of the day, really allowed me to reflect on my eating habits.  I learned areas where I could improve and make a better choice, and saw areas where I did just fine.

 Food is supposed to bring pleasure: it brings people together, allows us to take risks and explore new ideas, textures, and combinations of flavors, and nourishes our bodies to do the things we truly love.  I think it's about tapping into these pleasures and experiences, not about being perfect.

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