Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Sugar, and Champagne

Our first official snow day of the year!  Also known as a teacher's dream come true!

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland and loved every minute of it.  Finn was dying to be outside in all of the madness.  We took him out for a little while.

After a day of way too much Sportscenter, re-runs of "Sex and the City," reading my new Simply Christmas cookbook, and watching Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past (I LOVE Jennifer Garner) I was kind of ready to go back to work tomorrow.  Or at least I was getting myself ready to go back.  My brain was beginning to go into Lesson Plan mode. 

Then I got the call. 


What else are we to do?


William popped the champagne.  I squeezed some fresh orange juice for a mimosa.  Then, I attempted to make sugar cookies (thanks to a Christmas present from one of my sweet students)....sans the butter.  I really thought I was prepared for the "winter storm".  I braved the craziness of the grocery store to "stock up."  But, I forgot butter.

The recipe, of course, called for butter.  I called my mom.  She told me to consult the tried and true Joy of Cooking and look for a substitution. 

I found out that I could substitute corn or nut oil.  All I had was vegetable oil.  I went with it.  Maybe not the best decision. :)

Not looking so good.  This dough was seriously stuck inside of the whisk.

I switched to a spoon and trekked full speed ahead.

My little snowballs of sugar. :)

They were terrible.  That's all.

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