Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grilling Portabellas

My brother-in-law, Tony, makes awesome Portabella mushrooms.  I have to admit, I should have called him to get a few tips, but I didn't.  The entire time I was preparing, William kept asking, "are you sure you know what you're doing; are you sure you don't need a recipe?"  I ignored him. 

Honestly, I was just trying to act confident, while secretly having no clue what I was doing.  I forged ahead.

I drizzled the Portabellas, on both sides, with olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  This picture was prior to the realization that I maybe needed to pull the stem from the middle of the mushroom.  I'm still not really sure, but I removed it anyway.

I sauteed the spinach in olive oil spray and mixed it with part skim ricotta cheese and minced garlic.

I chopped grape tomatoes and fresh basil for the top.

William grilled the mushrooms, top down, for about 5 minutes.  He flipped them over, and I spread the ricotta and spinach mixture on the mushroom.  I topped it with a little mozzarella, grape tomatoes and basil.

It actually turned out really well regardless of the fact that I felt lost the entire time.  We probably should have left them on the grill a little longer.  The portabellas weren't as tender as I would have liked, and the cheeses not quite hot enough.  However, the blend of flavors was perfect. 

Per Rico's request, I would serve this with a glass of Yellow Tale Cabernet-Shiraz blend.  In fact, I think I will have a glass now.  Cheers.

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