Thursday, October 21, 2010


I sent a care package, tonight, to a good friend.  She lost her mom, unexpectedly, a few weeks ago.  Although I love to write, and I love words, sometimes, in moments like these, they are hard to find.  Whether I'm happy or sad, these things make me smile.

They're simple, really.  But they're my favorite, and I'm learning to trust the power of simple moments and experiences like these.

All bundled up and ready to be shipped.

What makes you smile?  Does it always have to be a huge promotion, a new car, or a bigger diamond? 

Why not smile when you hear the crunch of the fall leaves under your feet, or your husband offers to do the dishes, or you see a picture and remember a good friend from college, or your sweet dad sends you a good morning text, or the weather is perfect for the sunroof to be open. 

Sometimes we fail to realize, but these are the moments worth smiling about.  :)

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