Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dot!

William decided Dot's birthday would be low-key and just us.  That was fine with me.  We all spent a lot of time together Sunday at my parents' house.  However, this meant the cake was ALL ME.  Usually, my mom or sister is in charge of the cake.  They take personal requests on birthdays.  My request is ALWAYS German Chocolate.  William's is Carrot Cake.  Mom requests on her birthday, and every other occasion, chocolate cake.  If you're not careful, she will try to get you to choose chocolate cake for your birthday.  And a side note, this is not just any chocolate cake.  This is seven to twelve layers of moist, chocolately deliciousness. 

So it was my turn.  Dot's birthday would just be me, William, Dot and Steven.  William suggested a store bought cake.  I was appalled.  In my 26 years, I, nor anyone in my family, has ever had a store bought birthday cake.  Graduation cake?  Yes.  Congrats on the Engagement cake?  Of course.  Birthday Cake?  No way. 

I borrowed my mom's trusty Tea-Time cookbook and set the moon dream in action.  My first birthday cake. 

All of the ingredients came together nicely. I am embarrassed to show that my Rachel Ray trash bowl is my only mixing bowl.  Don't laugh.  I guess now I won't walk around Bed, Bath and Beyond aimlessly.  I actually have a purpose - buy mixing bowls, asap!
Finn helped.

Everything was going smoothly.  I was beginning to think, this is pretty easy.  That's when I started the icing.  Then stopped the icing.
The timer on the oven clock still said 17 minutes.  Even though the ingredients were halfway melted.  I went ahead and pulled it off of the eye.  I have watched my mom make this icing before, and I do know that as it cools, it becomes hard, and difficult to maneuver.  I didn't want it to be ready, and the cake still in the oven.  The executive decision was made, and the icing halted. 

Finn was tired of helping.  Thanks, a lot, Finnster.

After a few more minutes, the knife was inserted, came out clean, and it was time to ice the cake. 

All in all, it was a good experience.  Not too hard or time consuming and fun to be the one making the cake.  I think everyone enjoyed.  It was a little spongy but still pretty tasty for the first try. 

And this is what I was left with.  William seemed to be aggravated with the dirty dishes piling up, and said, "You sure are making a mess." 
I, matter of factly, replied, "That's part of baking."
"How do you know?"  He asked. 
We both doubled over in laughter.

I didn't know.  But now I do, and I think I'll go for round two.

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