Monday, October 18, 2010

Go Dawgs!

Seriously, there is nothing negative about Land's End. 

For my dad, this small fact may actually be a positive.  But, there is no Internet.  I guess if Land's End is an escape for all of us, it would be contradictory to still be "attached" to the world through Internet.  However, this means that these posts can't actually be published on the day the pictures are taken and the events occur.  Try to bear with me, please, while my weekend posts from Land's End extend into the week.  So much happens, and I hate to leave it out!

We made "Game Day" happen.  Yay!

My family bleeds red and black.  We love UGA.  Kristen, Tony, and I are all alumni, and my dad says he's spent enough money in Athens, that he, too, loves the Dawgs.  It becomes quite interesting when you're Georgia fans in the Lowcountry.  But, we fly our Bulldog flag with pride.  On a side note, someone put a Gamecock sticker on the mailbox at the beach.  Dad is not happy.  I promise he will get revenge, and it won't be pretty.  Look out Gamecocks!

We headed to Luther's to watch the game, enjoy the atmosphere, drink a beer, and eat some wings.  Mom and I rushed the boys in Bay Street Outfitters, only to find ourselves buying Christmas presents next-door in M's, a quaint little shop.  They were annoyed.

Finally, we made it to Luther's.

I sipped on a Blue Moon Honey Moon.  It was delicious.
We loved the hot shrimp and crab dip.  The Bugles added an interesting twist.
Wings with a peppercorn ranch rub.  Yum.

And Jumbo Hot wings.  We all shared and thoroughly enjoyed. 

The Dawgs shut out Vandy making the afternoon even sweeter.

I can't believe I'm disclosing this information, but Mom informed us on Friday night that she was trying to like the Gamecocks.  We have no idea where these words came from.  To put it nicely, she's never been a huge Spurrier fan.  I guess she figures that since she is officially a South Carolina resident, she should have a little compassion for their teams.  We immediately told her she was crazy and ragged her about it the rest of the weekend.  Needless to say, she cheered the loudest for Kentucky on Saturday night.  I'm glad this was a short lived thought.  Maybe she was just seeing if she could get a rise out of us.  If so, mission accomplished.   

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