Sunday, October 17, 2010

Living off the Land

This is what we call "living off the land."  The shrimp, swimming in the ocean yesterday, were headed, cleaned, and Dad made an amazing breakfast of shrimp and grits.  I wish I could take the credit, but this is definitely one of his specialties!  The shrimp were incredibly sweet.  I promise, once you taste shrimp this fresh, you become spoiled, and subsequently a critique of all other seafood.  You can't help it.  It is that good. 

The morning continued with a trip to check the crab traps.  The boys put out six traps last night.  Mom and I were gearing up for a day filled with crab picking.  To be honest, we were secretly hoping for the traps to be less than full.  We were looking forward to "Game Day" at Luther's.  But we did need some crabs for crab cakes later in the night.  We just didn't want too many. 

The stone crab waited patiently to lose one claw and be set free. 

32 was the final count.  Not too bad.  We should still be able to enjoy the game and not clean crabs all afternoon. 

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