Sunday, October 17, 2010


There are so many great things about Land's End, but I have to admit, this is on the top of my list of favorites.  I love mornings, but I especially love to spend them drinking coffee on the front porch. 

I think it is a combination of the salt in the air, the view of the water, the sun peaking through the moss covered trees, and the quiet that always has a way of putting things into perspective for me.  I go through a week of work worried about my students, rushing to run all of my errands, striving to find the time to see all of our friends and family, and keeping a clean house and a happy husband, that I forget to stop to slow down and thank God for another day.  These mornings on the front porch never fail to bring me back to that point of gratefulness. 
For the past three years, mornings on this front porch have been a place I look forward to spending my time.  Whether it is chatting with my mom while the rest of the clan sleeps, or discussing the world of education with Kathy and Ashley, or solving all relationship issues with Owen, Kristy and Rico, or sitting alone in silence thanking God for this life he has given me, I am constantly coming back to this white rocking chair, regardless of how late my head touches the pillow, coffee in hand, to soak up every second of my morning. 

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