Monday, May 6, 2013

What I’m Loving…

Kid-friendly cook-outs with friends. These three, Emma, Reyer and Wills, had a blast playing while the adults (are we really in that category now? ugh) chatted over wine and appetizers while a delicious Boston Butt cooked. Thanks, O’Dells, for having us over and letting our child help transform your living room into a huge mess playground! 

Visiting our local Fire Station. Wills is currently obsessed with fire trucks. I took him to the fire station last week, and he loved it. After repeating “fire truck” no less than 50 times a day, my parents took him back. This time he climbed all through the truck, left with a hat, coloring book and tattoos, and now when asked to say, “I love mommy,” he says, “I luva….(long pause while he thinks) FIRE TRUCKS!”


Carry on Warrior. I’ve been reading Glennon’s blog at for a while now, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to visit Amazon and order a copy of her new book. She is changing the world with her love flash mobs and extreme truth telling. Hundreds of women are showing up at her book signings and sharing their stories. At the very essence, her writing is beautiful; her stories are real; she is hilarious; and her heart is enormous! Order yourself a copy now. And then send one to someone for Mother’s Day. I did. ;)
“Salvation Song” by The Avett Brothers. I listen to this song over and over and these lyrics inspire me. More than anything, through my teaching, my yoga, my relationships, and my writing I pray that in some small way it is possible that I could help break the bad, cheer the sad, and leave the world a better place.   

“We came for salvation
We came for family
We came for all that's good that's how we'll walk away
We came to break the bad
We came to cheer the sad
We came to leave behind the world a better way.” ~ The Avett Brothers

 Community Yoga – I team taught my first yoga class last week with Brook and Julia and loved it! Before class began, I was nervous and felt like I was getting ready to give a big speech, but after my first sun salutation, I settled into my body, found my voice, and just tried to speak authentically. In the end, I finished a little early and need to work on my timing and giving a little more space in each pose. Other than that, I feel great about my first class. I am teaching again on Thursday at 11:45 for a midday power class. Please join me!


Arugula…from everything to pizza, pasta and salads, this is my new peppery love. I am currently researching how to grow it with my green black thumb. 

This growing miracle! William, Wills and I are sooooo beyond excited for my sister and Tony. They told us they were expecting at our Easter Weekend Oyster Roast during the blessing in which we proceeded to scream, jump up and down, and never say “Amen.” Or was that just me? :)  I can’t wait to meet this little peanut and Wills’ cousin near November 25th! We will have a new baby for Christmas! I didn’t know I could love the holidays any more than I already do, but I know I am wrong!

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