Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quiet Moments

Exactly what a weekend should be.

I had a great time relaxing with my mom and Wills while William, Mr. Kenny, and my dad worked on the bunk house aka “the man cave” at the beach. They made a lot of progress towards finishing the room, and we are looking forward to having the extra space.

I’ve waited what feels like an eternity for sweet potato biscuits, and I had some this weekend! Thanks, Mom! They were delicious.

Wills is such a good little traveler, making our weekend runs to Land’s End a breeze. He slept the entire time there and back. We are so lucky.

Although William worked most of the weekend, we snuck away for a little time together on the dock. Words cannot explain the serenity of the moment. The sun was setting in the distance, creating the most beautiful purples and reds in the sky. A lone pelican was searching and diving for his dinner. Other than his plunges into the water, there wasn’t a ripple to be seen. The air was completely silent. It’s not every day, with 100 twelve year olds and a 3 month old baby, that I witness quiet like that. It was nice. Spending a few simple moments with my husband, overlooking the vastness of the ocean, soaking in the last minutes of the day’s sunlight, was exactly the way I wanted my weekend to end.

Today, when the rush of the day is underway, the demands seem overwhelming, and the to-do list grows, or my husband’s job site is robbed (yes, that happened last night) I will take a deep breath, close my eyes and escape for a minute, right back to the rail of the dock, where perspective exists and life is beautiful.

Or, I will just look in these sweet eyes and count my blessings.

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