Friday, January 20, 2012

Bluegrass Fun

We’re off, we’re off, we’re off to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard of oz…

Not really. But I sing silly songs to Wills all the time, and this one fit!  Or close enough.

It's Friday, and William and I are off…not to see the wizard. But to see an acoustic show at the Imperial Theatre (after I take a power nap with my baby that recently likes to eat all night). We have tickets to see the bluegrass band Mountain Heart with Tony Rice. I have no idea who they are. Ha! Or what they really do. But, William LOVES live music and especially at charming, historic little venues like the Imperial Theatre. So, we’re off. 

Our sweet little boy is home with Dede. And this mom and dad are looking spiffy without any traces of spit-up, headed to Mellow Mushroom for a cocktail, and going to enjoy some finger picking. I think that’s what you call it?

Pictures tomorrow.  Happy Friday!

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