Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My worries are nothing.  Petty, really.  My stress is trivial.  I feel guilty for even thinking I've had a "bad" day.  In the blink of an eye life is put into perspective.  I'm counting my blessings extra loud and long today.  Actually, at this moment, I am dwelling on the gifts God has given me.  My heart is heavy for sweet friends and their unexpected losses.  I can't even imagine.  Tonight, I will pray a little longer for those friends, squeeze my boys a little harder, savor my time with my family, and toss my worries into the night sky.  I'm done wasting my thoughts on things that don't matter, frustrations that are insignificant, and gripes that are silly.  It's time to savor the goodness of each day, stop sweating the small stuff, and enjoy the fullness of this fragile life.

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