Wednesday, January 18, 2012

22 Ways to Know You’re a New Mom…

***I kept this running list until about week 8 of Wills’ life. I planned on posting it, but somehow it was lost in the shuffle. With each new day we’ve learned so much and continuously adjusted to life with a baby and as new parents. A lot has changed since then (I’m out of my pajamas, at least thinking about exercising, and we've taken quite a few cute family pictures), but I want to remember what life was like at that point.

Warning: Skip this post if you’re not interested in all things baby.

1. You do more laundry than you ever have before, and none of it is yours.

2. Your camera is your new prized possession. You can’t live without it.

3. You’ve heard and said the word nipple more times than you care to think of. Now you’re quite comfortable with it. We’re talking about the kind that go on the bottles.

4. Regardless of the time of day, if you’re at home, you’re in your pajamas.

5. You would rather eat all day and not lose a pound to make sure you make enough milk to feed your little one.

6. You would really like to take pictures as a family but you don’t have time to get dressed or look cute.

7. Waiting on the baby’s sweet noises and coos is better anticipation than sitting on the edge of your seat in a great movie or watching the plot thicken in a bestselling novel.

8. You worry. A lot.

9. You would rather hold and stare at your baby all day long than do anything else.

10. You watch TV all night long…on the baby video monitor.

11. Your husband, who didn’t care for coffee before, now drinks it every morning. And sometimes all day long.

12. Your Foodie Blog resembles more of a Baby Blog.

13. Instead of reading Shape, Self and People Magazine, you squeal in excitement when Parenting Magazine and Pottery Barn Kids arrives in the mail.

14. You have a box of hospital wrist bands, dried flowers, and every card you received the day he was born. You can’t seem to throw anything away.

15. You get up an hour earlier to get ready for work, and you still can’t get out of the door on time.

16. You stare in complete wonder of the fact that you and your husband made a person, and he grew inside of you. You try, daily, to wrap your mind around the miracle of it all.

17. You check your phone constantly to see if there are any updates from whoever’s keeping the baby.

18. You haven’t exercised since your third trimester.

19. You’re already saving for college.

20. You thank God for this blessing, and pray for his safety and health, no less than five times a day.

21. You used to spend money on cute clothes for yourself. Now you shop for cute baby clothes.

22. You’re in love. A new kind of love.  Like never before. And it feels really great.

***Even though a lot has changed, have no fear, we are still doing a lot of laundry, talking about nipples, drinking coffee, trying not to worry as much, reading Parenting magazines, thanking God, and much more from this list! Some things change, but some things stay exactly the same!

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