Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Month!

I cannot believe that it has been an entire month since we left University Hospital with our little boy.  What a whirlwind these past four and a half weeks have been.  William and I could not be any more blessed with Wills and the joy he has already brought to the two of us and our families.  We thank God every day for allowing us to be his parents. 

Wills has grown so much in a month!  He is a little piglet that LOVES to eat.  He is still eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Every now and then, during the night, he will stretch it to 4 hours.  I guess he is not ready to sleep any longer right now.  I'm not rushing him, or wishing away time, but I am looking forward to a few more consecutive hours of sleep in the coming months.

He is in size 1 diapers and 3 month clothes.  He still loves his swing, bouncy chair, car seat, and stroller.  We are trying to get in the habit of taking a walk everyday, but the hours seem to fly by and sometimes we miss our opportunity.  We still swaddle him every night.  We just started bathing him in the sink, and he loves the warm water and mirror.  What else??  He is getting so strong with his head.  He lifts it up off of our shoulder and can hold it up for a second or two.  He still loves to listen to us talk and sing to him.  He is very attentive and doing a great job tracking with his eyes.  He's done very well with the few bottles he's had, and we are working to incorporate a bottle a day in preparation for my return to work.  He probably thinks his name is Little Boy or Peanut because that seems to be what we all call him.  He doesn't seem too interested in his books, yet, but of course this book-loving English teacher still reads to him. :)

We love you, Wills!  Happy One Month Birthday!

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  1. Hi Evie, I know you and Bill are enjoying and probably not sleeping much, but I can't wait to see my new little cousin. HE'S SOOO CUTE!
    I'm in ATL again to see my back doctors...more pain shots...yuck! Hopefully something will work.
    I'm sorry I still haven't been by. I found out I have colitis & it's been giving me a hard time; plus bad stomach problems.
    I hopefully will get to meet my new CUZ before Christmas and before he's in school!
    Enjoy this time, you will cherish for the rest of your life! I love y'all and take care,