Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It has been a long week waiting on our computer to return home.  William took it to the shop to be scanned and cleaned.  Unfortunately, he had to take it back today.  Sorry for the wait.

A lot has happened in the past week.  Wills is three weeks old!!!  I want to highlight the big moments and, hopefully, return to regular blogging asap.  I will add more pictures as soon as I can.

Wills attended his first birthday party!  Aunt Sissy turned 25!  Tony planned a festive event, and Wills and I hosted.  We didn't do much, at all, so we can't take any credit. 

I enjoyed my first sangria.  Delicious!

Sunday, October 9th, was a special day for us.  Wills' Godfather, Uncle Tone, arranged for a rosebud to be on the altar at church in celebration of Wills' birth.  It was really sweet and emotional and meant so much to me and William.  Wills' is beyond lucky to have Tony in his life.  Again, I will post the picture of the rosebud and church bulletin when the computer comes home. :(

Wills also attended Dede's birthday party this week.  It, too, was held at our house.  We grilled burgers and enjoyed being with William's mom and brother, JD.  We are trying to stick with the pediatrician's advice and not take Wills in public for one month.  Thus, the get-togethers and family birthdays have been at the Mooney residence. 

William gave Wills his first bottle.  It went really well but took forever!  I am sure Wills will get used to it and next time will be even better.  I have a really sweet picture of this, too. 

Here are two from my phone to bide the time.

Saturday, October 15th, was the first date night for me and William.  Aunt Sissy and Uncle Tone came and kept Wills.  Saying I was excited is a huge understatement.  Of course, I was nervous about leaving him for the first time, but I knew he was in great hands, so I was determined to enjoy myself.  William and I had dinner at Carrabas.  The conversation was better than ever (right, William ;) ), the meal was delicious, the glass of wine was perfect, and I had on a new outfit.  :) We left dinner and went to Dallas and Emily's.  It was a beautiful night on their back deck; the Dawgs were playing...and winning; it was so good to see all of our friends and spend some time with them.  We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and are looking forward to being a part of their wedding this coming weekend.  Thank you, Aunt Sissy and Uncle Tone!  And thank you, Wills, for being so sweet and such a good baby boy.  We are so blessed!

On a side note, I have something REALLY exciting to share as soon as the computer is back. Some may disagree as to the level of excitement this actually is, but if you know me, you'll understand.  Here's a hint...Christmas is coming and someone important is preparing!  Woo hoo!

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