Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy Boy

Wills has had a busy couple of days.  He had his newborn photos taken on Wednesday by Ashleigh Dees Photography.  Mandy Fox helped her and hosted the photo shoot at her home.  Ashleigh was only able to get a few sleeping pictures because this bright eyed boy woke up and was too curious to go back to sleep.  I am so pleased with these two pictures; I can't wait to see the others.  

William left Thursday night for a two night get-away to celebrate our friend Dallas and his upcoming wedding to Emily.  Wills and I have been spending some great time with Gammy and Papa.  They came over and my dad cooked my favorite: "slug-fest" chicken. 

It was a beautiful night to be on the deck.  I love this weather.

Wills enjoyed a morning sponge bath.

And some tummy time.  He wasn't too fond of this.  I'm sure he will get used to it as time goes by.  I'm not even sure if we are supposed to be doing this yet.  Guess I need to look it up in the What to Expect Book and add this question to my growing list for the pediatrician.

Did I mention he's 12 days old and been to the doctor 3 times?  What can I say, I'm a nervous new mom!  But my mom has made me feel better and assured me that all 3 times were for legitimate reasons and two of them were simple weight checks. Thanks, Mom!  :)

Wills met his first cousin, Isabella.  She was great with him.  She was very serious about caring for him like she would her baby dolls.  It was really sweet. 

He helped celebrate Aunt Sissy's birthday with a quick family lunch.  His first birthday party will be tomorrow night when we really celebrate Sissy!

And, he spent some sweet time with his mommy.  I love this little boy!

On a side note, William and I can't wait to get back here!  We are itching for the little boy to get to know one of our most favorite places: Land's End and the coast.  William, Papa, and Uncle Tone have big plans for this little boy on the water.  :)

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