Saturday, November 23, 2013

Data Overload

I've had my nose stuck in student data, study island scores, and virtual grade books for the last three days.  Needless to say, my eyes are crossing and my shoulders are sore from sitting in front of the computer.  Time for yoga!

The good news...I have a week off!  After tying up a few loose ends today, I'm not touching my work computer for an entire week.  I can't wait.

Pardon the randomness that is today's post.  This little peanut woke up at 5:30 coughing yet ready to play.  He is finally settled watching Mickey Mouse, so I thought I would check in with the blog.

Here's what we've been eating around here...

Green Monsters.

Hummus, avocado, and spinach sandwiches on pita bread and a lot of clementines.

Taco salads.

Pumpkin shakeology.

His and hers. ;)

This soup.  Delicious with a crusty grilled avocado, cheese and tomato sandwich.

Breakfast on the go.

One man band. (The girl guitar was inherited from our sweet neighbors and their granddaughters.)

Red wine, cozy pjs, two handsome boys, and Love Actually make for the perfect rainy Friday night.

Santa, if you're reading from the North Pole, I would REALLY LOVE this for Christmas.

Lastly, I have to share a story from Mother's Day Out this week.  Wills and I were running late Thursday morning, and I dropped him off around 9:15.  We hurried in alongside a disheveled looking dad and his little girl, who happens to be in Wills' class.  Here's the brief conversation that happened between her dad and the teacher before he quickly turned to walk away:

"For some reason Savannah Anne has a bathing suit top on, and she wouldn't take it off.  It's been a long week, so I just gave up and left it."

I couldn't help but laugh.  There she was, legging, boots, a sweet skirt, and a pink polka-dot bathing suit top.  Bless his heart.

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  1. My sister used to wear bathing suits instead of undies. She'd die if she saw this. My mom gave up fighting and just let her wear them. Because, really? What's the big deal? Ha!