Friday, December 9, 2011

Bisque for Two

It’s Friday! Woo hoo! I made it through my second week of work!

And…guess who slept 9 hours last night? 9 whole hours?

Of course, sweet Finnster did.

But Wills did, too! Yay!  I can’t believe it! We are keeping our fingers crossed for another great night, tonight.

Before I Wills’ two month appointment he weighed 13.4 pounds and was 24 inches long. Our sweet boy did great with his shots and didn’t cry too much.

Now…back to Friday night. I don’t know of anything better than warm, creamy crab bisque, red wine, Christmas lights, and a fire, after a long week of work. William and I LOVE to cook something special on Friday nights. We haven’t lately, because we’ve been a little busy figuring out our evening routines with Wills. But, since he did so well last night and has pretty much established a bedtime of 8:30, later tonight is for us and our kitchen! Crab bisque is our Christmas Eve tradition, so we are practicing. :)

It’s really easy…that is, after you pick the crabs.

And, since I’m breastfeeding, and supposedly burning 500 extra calories a day, I can justify all of the cream, right? Ha! I better be careful. But, not tonight. :)

I will let you drool over a picture of its deliciousness, tomorrow. Off to enjoy Wills until 8:30 and my husband afterwards.

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