Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday's Bisque

The Bisque was a success!  So was Wills' bedtime routine! 

We can't take any credit for the recipe.  This is one of my dad's recipes that he tweaked from a friend at Land's End. 

And, honestly, I can't take any credit for the outcome.  This was all William.  I poured a glass of wine, kept him company, and took a few pictures. 

We gathered the ingredients. 

William poured a little lemon juice on the crab meat.

He sauteed the onions and celery in butter.  Then, added the crab meat.

After heating for a few minutes, we added the cream, milk, hot sauce, Worcestershire, and cream of celery.  You use equal amounts of half and half and milk. 

He heated that, and added the Ritz crackers, to thicken it up, and the mushrooms. 

The final touch is a dollop of Sherry on top!

The Wise Men approve!

I wish I had a better picture.  It was hard to capture the real beauty of the bisque.  But trust me; it was delicious! 

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