Monday, December 5, 2011

Finding Time

The days seem to be running together. The hours seem to fly. Except when I’m at work. Yes, last week was my first week back since my sweet baby boy was born, and I must admit, I counted the minutes, waiting to get home to him. Some say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I don’t know if this heart can grow any fonder, and the absence thing, let’s just say it was hard. His short stint in the hospital, right before I was to return to work, didn’t help matters. But, I’m optimistic. And I’m hoping that it will get easier to be away. He is in great hands with all of our family helping out to care for him. This Mommy just needs to relax and try to enjoy her other 100 children who also need her attention. :)

Wills was two months old last week! Where has the time gone? He is so much more alert and active! We are enjoying every minute of parenthood – even the middle of the night feedings. Really, we are. We talk daily about Christmas, showing Wills the manger scene and telling him about Baby Jesus. We sing to him all the time. Daddy sings “You’ll always be my baby” to him, and he loves it. His baby Einstein gym is, by far, his favorite activity – the octopus being his object of admiration. He’s a great eater, sleeper, and pooper. Ha! What more could we ask for?

Before I went back to work, Wills and I spent a beautiful day at the park.

He met some of his Mommy's favorite people in the world.

After being sick, we decided to keep the little peanut home on Thanksgiving. 

And because things aren't always perfect, and sometimes it feels good to cry.  :)
On another note, back to the blog title: finding time. We are 10 weeks in, with this little peanut, and I feel like there is no other role that suits me as much as the role of Mommy. I feel like I was meant for this job. However, although Mommy defines me these days, I would like to and need to find time for the other things that make me happy. Is it possible to be Mommy and Writer? Or Mommy and Yogi (not that I’m anywhere close, but I would love to be)? And the most important one: Mommy and Wife? Here’s to spending as much time as possible with my little boy and, somehow, finding little moments to blog, read a book, work on my novel, love on my husband, try a new recipe (first I have to find a way to get to the grocery store), exercise, and call a girlfriend. I know that finding the balance will, ultimately, make me a better mom.
Hopefully, there are Christmas cookies in this blog's future!

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