Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reservations for Two

William and I had a hot date last week.  Four years ago this may have meant a concert in Columbia, or tapas  and sangria at Bees Knees, or maybe, if we were really splurging, a night at The Partridge Inn, followed by brunch the next day.

But these days, our dates are simple, heart felt, and economically pleasing...aka cheap.  We took a romantic drive, all the way.....

To my sister's house. :)

She and Tony were away for the weekend, so we decided to get away too.  We dressed up, gathered our overnight bag, and headed out.  My parents kept Wills for the evening.

And photographed our exciting departure. :)

We shared a few glasses of wine, chatted about all things serious and light, decided on our house and moving timeline once and for all (January 11th is officially the day - woo hoo!), and cooked a delicious dinner.  These simple nights are our favorites.

William whipped up a delicious chicken pasta with fresh mushrooms, pesto, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, topped with a little Alfredo sauce.  

Thanks, Sissy and Tony, for the wonderful accommodations.   Can we make another reservation?  

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