Sunday, December 16, 2012

Keep Writing

I was on a roll...a writing roll (if you can count a few posts in a row being on a roll...but hey, progress, right?)

And then it got quiet.  How do you write about Christmas movies, wrapping presents, and new recipes, when others are canceling Christmas, burying their children, and in so much pain?  As a teacher, I was devastated and scared.  As a mom, I was broken and numb.  I can not imagine.  I couldn't write...not about those petty things.

And then today, in church, we sang "Joy to the World."  One of our pastors, Adam, said that despite the pain in the world, Christmas is coming, and we should be joyful.  At a time like this, that's exactly why we should be joyful...only because of the promise of Jesus, born in a manger, on Christmas Day, to take away the pain and save all of us.

And then I heard that teachers read books to their students, to keep them calm during the massacre.  Books!  I knew they were wonderful, and one of my all-time favorite things, but they helped save so many lives! Words written down, shared by those who love to write, helped those children.

So I will write.

And I will pray.  And love on my son.  And my students.  All while giving thanks for another day of life, with a joyful heart, I will write.

Here are those cookies I promised.

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