Monday, November 7, 2011

The Best Keeps Getting Better!

I remember pulling out of the driveway of the beach house in July knowing that the next time we returned to Land's End would be with a BABY and things wouldn't be quite the same.  Although it was different, it was still a relaxing weekend, and so special for us to share for the first time with our little boy. 

Wills' routines continued away from home.  He stayed on his schedule and enjoyed his baths.

I love my husband!

Aunt Sissy and Gammy read to Wills.  My mom has had the beach house ready for children even before Wills arrived.  She has children's books, little chairs, buckets and shovels for the beach, mini fishing poles, and more! 

Although it was windy, we wanted Wills to see the water, so we bundled him up and took him for a walk.

We wanted to get him out of his carseat, but he fell asleep.  It was best to keep him cozy and let him rest. :)

We had a great time Saturday night cheering on the Razorbacks....Pig Sooie!  Yes, we are Georgia Fans in the Lowcountry, and a loss for Spurrier this weekend meant a lot to the Bulldawgs.  We fly our Georgia flag with pride, despite the abundance of Clemson and Carolina fans nearby.

A delicious spread of tailgating food was enjoyed throughout the night.  We had William's wings, crab dip, fried shrimp, pepper poppers, boiled shrimp, and homemade guacamole.

Papa enjoyed some sweet time with Wills in the sun room.

As usual, the pups loved the front porch.  Finn is the one out of line. :)
It's hard to anticipate how life will change with a baby.  The Lord has blessed me with an incredible husband, the best family, great friends, a home away from home, good health, and so much more.  But, I've found that when circumstances, places, traditions, and families, seem like they can't get any better and are perfect as is, just throw in a precious baby boy, and somehow all of it becomes even better!  It's hard to believe, yet it is so true! 

Those bridges, moss covered trees, and salt air get me every time.  They put things in perspective and "make you feel fine, make you feel fine."  Right, Jimmy?

Some call it the magic of the Lowcountry.

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