Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Drennan's Birth Story

How did I get so lucky?  I can't believe I am a mom to two healthy, precious children.  William and I are incredibly blessed for these two little miracles.  The truth is, that's what a birth story is - nothing short of a miracle.

I won't apologize for being long-winded (I recently read an article about the ridiculousness of always saying I'm sorry and why we should stop - I'm guilty) because I want to remember every. single. detail. of the day my little girl was born.  

A few weeks before the big day, I started to get a little anxious about all that would happen.  Questions, concerns, horrors raced through my mind.  I stayed up late reading birth stories from my favorite bloggers, hoping to find ones that read of ease, relaxation, and happy endings.  I prayed, relentlessly, for an easy, uneventful, short day of labor and a healthy baby girl at the end.  I mentioned my concerns to William on a regular basis, and although I know he was trying to calm my nerves, he once said, you never hear of someone who had the exact same experience for more than one child. Great.  That comment stuck with me; I knew he was right.  Wills' birth was so easy, so painless, and so perfect.  There was NO WAY this would be the same.  That never happens.

Little did we know...

I never thought I would make it to my due date with Drennan.  Throughout the entire pregnancy I felt like she was low, kicking and moving up a storm, and ready to drop out at any second.  Dr. Cook agreed to an induction at 39 weeks, in order to avoid the rush of the holidays, have us home by Thanksgiving, and make sure he was in town.  Georgia vs. Georgia Tech was the following weekend, and we knew he would be spending time in Athens.

On a side note, the Wednesday night prior, we did have a false alarm.  I started to feel a few sharp pains, panicked, and then swore I was having regular contractions.  We raced around the house at 9 pm, packed the car, didn't say a word (which made me even more anxious, but we were all business) and loaded up Wills to take him to Dede's house.  We were half-way down River Watch, and we both started busting out laughing.  I knew, then, that is was probably a false alarm.  We even stopped for gas - I could not believe William was on empty!  We did go ahead and check in to triage, more for the sharp pains than the contractions.  We stayed on the monitor until about midnight, and headed home with instructions to drink a ton of water and elevate my feet.  We ended our then comical night with late night Frosty's.

Monday, November 24th, rolled around, and we headed to the hospital at 6 am to meet our baby girl.  We had bets on the time she would arrive.  In hopes for a shorter day, I took 1 pm.  (That was a joke.)  My mom quickly followed with 2 pm, my Dad chose 4 pm, and William thought 6 pm or later.  We repeatedly heard, this is your second baby; it will go much faster!  Wills was born at 10:20 pm after a 6 am induction.

I was hooked up to an IV and a Pitocin drip was started around 7 am.  The floor was super busy, with only one empty bed and one anesthesiologist serving the entire floor and the OR.  My nurse, Heather (my nurse with Wills was also named Heather,) advised that I ask for an epidural as soon as I started to feel uncomfortable, because it may take the doctor an hour or more to get to me.

I felt a few strong contractions, and my epidural was in by 11 am.

By noon, I wasn't making much progress.  I was dilated 2 - 3 cm and not changing very quickly.  Heather accidentally broke my water, while checking me, and thought we would move along after that.

At 3 pm, I was still only 4 cm.  This was looking to be a longer day than expected, and William was leading the bet.

Things began to change around 6 pm as my epidural medicine ran low. Remember this from the first time?  Heather checked me right before, and I was getting close to 6 cm.  Still slow progress.  I knew Heather had to leave at 7 pm, and there would be a shift change.  My eyes started to water at the thought of a new nurse.  Heather was wonderful, and we had spent all day with her.  I was being emotional about the change.  Heather rushed to change the epidural bag, but by then I was contracting regularly and in pain.  This went on for about 30 minutes as I just tried to focus and breathe through each contraction.  (You have to go back and read Wills' birth story.  The similarities are uncanny.)

Heather called for the anesthesiologist to come in and give me an extra dose of medicine.  It was nearing 7 pm and quitting time for Heather.  She checked me at 6:45, and I was 9 cm!  Yay!  I had progressed so quickly in the time the epidural meds were running low.    I started to feel a good bit of pressure and an urge to push.  She checked again at 7 pm, and I was 10 cm.  Dr. Cook was paged and arrived shortly after.  I checked the clock: 7:05.  Heather was by my side.  She was staying!  I couldn't believe it.  My eyes filled with tears as I thanked her.  Dr. Cook quickly scrubbed in; I pushed 4 times (only on two contractions) and Drennan was born at 7:16 pm.

William cut the cord, and she was put on my chest. 

She weighed exactly the same as her brother, 7 lbs. 13 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches tall.  Her apgar scores were a 9 and 10.

Don't mind the shadows.  I wanted to show how long she looks!

She was perfect in every way and immediately stole our hearts.

Drennan is my mom's maiden name, and there is no one in the world I would rather her be named after. Simply put, she's the most amazing woman, mom, wife, and best friend I know, and I'm excited for my little girl to share her name. 

I couldn't wait for her to meet her big brother.

He arrived the next morning and was smitten with his "sissy."

They exchanged gifts; he was pumped to get Marshall (the fire pup from Paw Patrol) and his firetruck.

We visited throughout the day and were eager to head home the next morning and begin our lives as a family of four.

Drennan wore one of my dresses home from the hospital.  I am so grateful my mom saved a handful of sweet items that belonged to me as a baby.  It was really special to have one of my first dresses become her first dress.

She wasn't as thrilled. :)

This Thanksgiving took on a whole new meaning for us; our home and our hearts are completely full.  We are incredibly thankful for the care we received in the hospital and for the support and love of our family and friends.  Thanks be to God for our Drennan Elizabeth.  


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful story! It is so, SO similar to my second baby's story. :)

  2. Beautifully expressed and well written post.