Sunday, August 3, 2014

School Year Goals

As I begin the new school year, even though I work from home, I feel my stress level rise.  The beginning is busy and hectic as I try to cross tasks off of the list, contact my new students, organize my classes as well as find balance in taking care of Wills and my home.

Many years, in this transition, I lose me.  I become so overwhelmed with everything else, I forget and simply neglect the things I love - the things that bring me back to joy and to loving my job, being a mom, and doing both at once.

This year, as Monday morning approaches, I am vowing to keep these 5 items on the list!  Along with spreadsheets, phone calls, and power-points, I'm adding the following:

1) Make a green smoothie.  I feel better when I get this extra dose of nutrition for me and our little girl.

2) Take, at least, one 30 minute walk.  It always helps to get a little fresh air, re-think my priority list, and gain a bit of perspective.

3)  Start with my devotion.  So many mornings, I wake up, come downstairs, make coffee, and open my email - only to find glaring items I need to take care of.  The truth: they can wait the 10 to 15 minutes it takes for me to read my devotion and listen to God.  I am currently doing a bit of a hybrid between She Reads Truth (online,) The Power of a Praying Wife, and Joel Osteen's Your Best Life Now.  I am always looking for new devotions and would like to find one we can do as a family, including Wills.  Any suggestions?

4) Roll out my mat.  Surprisingly, this will be one of the hardest to check off of the list.  I struggle to find my yoga inspiration at home; I want to be in the studio.  But for now, with Wills still out of Mother's Day Out, that is not an option.  Sadie Nardini, Tara Stiles, or Shiva Rhea are my favorite for a quick you-tube video, or I can always lead my own practice.  10 to 15 minutes.  That's all I'm asking. 

5)  This 5th one was tough.  What is missing?  I've included exercise, reading, nutrition.  All of those help keep me from drowning in the chaos of a new year.  Then I realized - relationship!  Although I love my job and working from home, I'll be honest, it can get lonely.  Especially when Bill travels.  So that's the 5th.  I will make one connection, outside of work, every day.  (My mom doesn't count, because I already talk to her 10 times a day and am so thankful for that.)  It can be a phone call to a girl friend, a coffee after my Tuesday yoga class, a random conversation in the grocery store, a chat with a fellow mom at Wills' school, a walk with a friend in the neighborhood, or even a text message exchange with a new mom.  Just connect!  Talk to someone other than my 2 year old and my computer.  Sounds simple, right?  We will see.  :)

I do love the excitement and routine that comes with a new year.  With a little more balance, I am hoping to find myself to October relaxed, organized, and thankful for the calm that also comes after the storm. 

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  1. Ohhh the 5th was the HARDEST for me when we lived in Perry. We've moved back "home" so I connect with people all day/every day and this introvert is struggling with that. Being a stay-at-home mama is often a lonely business, though.