Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I'm Loving...

What I'm Loving...

Fall and all it encompasses - GA football, playing outside, red wine, and warm fires.

Watching the progress of my new home.  Although it is taking longer than we expected, I am choosing to find the positives in the process:  Wills and I get to ride by our house and usually see William at some point during his work day; we are getting to spend major quality time with my parents when they aren't in Beaufort (and earlier in the year with my sister and Tony); I am getting better and quicker at making decisions; perspective is becoming easier to gain - I mean in the end, does it really matter if our interior columns are full floor to ceiling brick or if the exterior windows are more to the left or to the right of the wall of the new edition; The fact that my husband saw this house in its current state and had the vision he had for it and our family is remarkable.  I could not be more proud of him and genuinely amazed by his talents.  I know he's a builder and always has been, but I have finally gotten to see him in action, doing what he does best, making decisions, juggling moving parts, keeping me happy, and working within the confines of an existing structure to create a home we love. It's impressive and kind of hot! :)

The Happiness Project - I just started reading this, and I love the philosophy behind the writing.  Gretchen's 12 commandments are very relate-able, and I am enjoying focusing on "Acting the way I want to feel," and, in the end, "There is only love."  How powerful!  I am looking forward to the rest of this read.

Pumpkin!  - I hate that I didn't get around to posting more about Wills' first birthday (by the way, he was 26.3 lbs and 32 inches long at his year appointment and walked two days after his birthday) but I did make his cupcakes for his actual birthday.  They were pumpkin spice from the Southern Living Christmas cookbook, and he loved them.

My new goals as a writer - I will spare you the details, in an attempt not to disappoint, but look out, I'm feeling inspired...or is it my morning coffee and this salty air in Beaufort?  Who knows?  Only time will tell.

Yoga and my new studio - more on that in a following post.

And, of course, as always, enjoying my little family.

See you tomorrow, little blog.  Same time; same place; same coffee. :)

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