Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Treats

Happy 2nd Birthday Finn, Lem, and Bay!

Two years ago (February 15th, 2010), after one long, stressful, nerve-racking night, Missy Belle gave birth to Boykin Spaniel puppies. Kristen and Tony had first pick since Belle is “technically” Kristen’s dog. Yeah, right. ;) They picked the big boy and named him Lem after Jack Daniel’s nephew, proprietor of the distillery, and distant uncle to us. My parents kept the girl since they already had a girl dog and felt that would be best for their family. They named her Bay after two of our favorite roads in Beaufort. William and I kept the little boy runt and named him Finn after one of my favorite literary characters, Huckleberry Finn.

Sweet Bay



I know we are biased, but Boykin Spaniels really are the best dogs. If you have one, you understand.  They are brilliant, good-natured, beautiful companions that truly love their families. William and I couldn’t ask for a better pup.


No worries.  The bottle is empty. 

The three of them have kept us on our toes quite a few times. What dog hasn’t, right? Finn is slightly obsessed with water and swam too far out into the river while we were taking a walk on the canal. William had to get in the freezing water, with his clothes on, and get him while an audience congregated. Poor Lem likes to eat socks, onions, and golf balls resulting in many late night calls to the emergency vet. And Sweet Bay loves an adventure and has been bitten by a snake and stung by bees.  Hopefully, their mischievous days are behind us.  But I doubt it. :)

Finn has been unbelievable with Wills, and I know, one day, they will be best friends.

I found this dog cupcake recipe online and decided to try it.  A perfect treat for perfect pups.

I mixed all of the ingredients together and baked the cupcakes on 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Finn loved his birthday treat.  Sissy made Lem his own cupcakes, and I sent two cupcakes back to the beach for Sweet Bay and Missy Belle.  

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