Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

Today was my sweet little boy's first day of Mother's Day Out.  I can't believe how grown up he is!  

I took the day off to go with William to take Wills to school for the first time.  He did great!  And so did I!  I got a little emotional on the way there and right when we left, but I kept it together, waved bye bye and headed out to spend the morning running house errands with my hubby.  We made a lot of progress picking out tile, paint colors, and brick.  We ended our "date" with Jimmy Johns's, and I headed back to pick up our boy.

I have to brag for a minute.  His teachers said he was perfect!  Not even a whimper.  They promised me that if I decided to have any more children there was no way he or she would be as good and as easy as Wills.  Great.  :)  He played outside on the swing, ate all of his lunch, waved to all of the other kids, and danced his booty off.  I was so proud.  He was even excited to see me when I walked through the door.  Thank goodness!  Otherwise, I would have cried.  :)

I love him to pieces, and I am so thankful he had such a good first day!

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